Sport Oberwiesenthal

Olympic training center

Olympic training center

Olympic training center Oberwiesenthal



The Olympic training center Oberwiesenthal offers a variety of indoor and outdoor training facilities.

history book

The Oberwiesenthal Sports School (KJS) for children and young people was opened in 1965. Today, a single building houses the Oberwiesenthal Training Centre, residential sports school and the elite school for winter sports.


  •  Sports hall
  •  Weights room
  •  Gymnastics hall
  •  Tennis hall (100m)


Selina Freitag

"The Oberwiesenthal Training Centre’s varied options, with strength and athletics training facilities, are excellent preparation for training jumps on the jumping complex."



  •  athletics field with 200m loop
  •  small soccer court
  •  Beach volleyball court
  •  Basketball court
  •  Skate-Park
  •  Summer ski mat

The training centre forms the starting point for trail running routes in the Fichtelberg & Klinovec area. You can find an overview of the current trail running routes on site.


Specific sport facilities


Our Sports-specific facilities offer opportunities for technique training and performance diagnostic examinations.

  •  Oversized treadmill
  •  Arm strength training equipment
  •  Luge start room – simulation facility for start training
  •  Luge start measurement station
  •  Ski jumping diagnostics